An armed robber reportedly arrested by the Nigerian Police force has said, it’s going to be better if the police can just shot to kill him than keep him in prison.

Speaking to the press after his arrest, the young man said he was arrested somewhere in 2018 for a minor crime but came back from prison to pick arms to rob because inside the prison where he spent some time made him more hardened than reforming him.

He added he knows nobody is ready to help him and because he wouldn’t want to visit any further harm to Nigerians when he is released, it’s better they kill him to end his life.

Ideally, prisons are meant to reform people who break the law, but the case seems to be different in many African countries.

Most armed robbers or gun-wielding people who terrorize civilians are usually ex-convicts which only raises questions about whether or not prison reforms people or worsens what they are which brought them to prison.

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