Two wives reportedly fought each other during the swearing in ceremony of their husband who is the Ugandan MP for East City, Moses Attan.

The drama was witnessed earlier this year after Uganda held its elections.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) MP who is a first timer at Parliament beat Herbert Ariko in the January General polls.

During the ongoing swearing in ceremony, MP Attan shocked many when he appeared for the ceremony alongside his two wives. While heading to the podium, the co-wives kept shoving each other aside as they struggled to walk side by side with the MP.

Watch the drama video below!!


Even when they reached the podium, both co-wives pushed each other away in order to stand on the right hand side of their husband as he swore in in front of cameras.

Not even the intervention of the Clerk could stop the co-wives. At the end, one of them seemingly the first wife managed to subdue the other to secure the coverted spot.

The MP helplessly watched his co-wives in disbelief.

Moses Attan is an ardent FDC member and has for the last 10years attempted to come to Parliament. In 2011, he lost to Mike Mukula and Herbert Ariko in 2016.

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