Prior to Zambia’s general election, a lady took it to Twitter requesting to sing National Anthem at the inauguration ceremony of Hakainde Hichilema once voted into power.

The lady, with Twitter Handle @ScarlettMusicZM said someone should tell Hichilema also known as Bally or HH that she wants to sing at his inauguration.

“Someone please @HHichilema and @MrsHichilema that I want to sing the National Anthem at his inauguration. I am truly qualified. Thank you very much,” wrote the lady.

In his response, Hichilema told Scarlet that they have a deal if all things goes well.

“God willing and courtesy of the Zambian people, we shall be victorious and when it happens, Scarlet we have a deal,” Hichilema said.

On August 12, 2021 the Zambian people went to polls to elect the leader of their choice in which they have trusted Hichilema to take the wheel and lead for the next years.

Hichilema has proved to be the man of his words as he has remembered his promise of having Scarlet to sing the National Anthem at his inauguration which is scheduled to happen this coming Tuesday.

“Are you ready to sing the National Anthem at my inauguration?” asked Hichilema when Scarlet Tweeted that her biggest issue is to Hichilema personally “like who really is. If this is who he is, then I love it,” she said.

Hichilema won the Zambia’s highest position unseating the President Edgar Lungu.

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