Rumphi District Education Manager, Mcphine Mzumara, has described the situation at his office as helpless after the office was gutted down by fire last night (Monday) which consumed the whole office building bringing the operations to a halt.

The fire which started between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm is suspected to have started at the reception and could not be put off even with efforts of scores of people who came to help as the council does not have a fire engine.

The whole office which, according to Mzumara, housed several important files for teachers for the entire district is completely raised down by the fire.

The District Education Manager further expressed fears that operations of his office would be on standstill as now they have to go to other offices to beg and wait for space to work in though they have the largest number of officers to serve.

A source who works at the office, but did not want to be named, has also disclosed that at least K5.8 million in cash, which they were keeping for various schools, has also been destroyed by the fire.

While the police say are still investigating the cause of the fire, the district education manager suspects the fire started as a result of an electrical fault.

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