Sarah Culberson was born in Morgantown, West Virginia. She was adopted and brought up by a white American couple.

In 2001, Sarah moved to Lost Angeles to pursue her acting career. When she decided to find her biological mother, she suddenly discovered that she was a princess.

American actress discovers she is a princess

Sarah Culberson is a beautiful actress who has been seen in many TV shows and movies. Despite living in the love of her adoptive parents, Sarah is still curious and tries to learn about her roots. She only knows that her biological father is an African man and her biological mother is an American woman.

Sarah Culberson and her adoptive family.

At the age of 21, she decided to find her biological mother but that poor woman had died of cancer 10 years earlier.

Then, the actress hires a private detective to find out the truth about her identity. The detective finally found out an aunt of Sarah who is currently living in Maryland (USA).

The actress received a call four days later. Her aunt and uncle gave her jaw-dropping information about her identity.

Sarah’s biological grandfather is the headman of the local tribe Mende in Sierra Leone, African. This actress is the princess.

Sarah Culberson is a princess of a local tribe.

After knowing her identity, Sarah immediately flew to Sierra Leone to meet her biological father and relatives.

The actress said she worried that her biological father might reject her because he also did it in the past. At that time, her father was an exchange student. He met her biological mother at the university.

After knowing that her mother was pregnant, they decided to send her to the foster home because they were too young to raise her. Moreover, their economic conditions did not allow them to bring up a child. They broke up when that man returned to Sierra Leone.

After finding her root, Sarah Culberson founded a charity to help local people.

However, he also expressed his regret for not taking care of his daughter over the years. He also gifted her a traditional green dress when they met.

After finding her root, the beautiful actress founded a charity organization called the ‚ÄúSierra Leone Rising Foundation‚ÄĚ with her half-brother Hindo Kposowa.

She wanted to help local people rebuild schools to promote education. The charity foundation also provides public health supports and women’s welfare, etc.

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