A man has been left heartbroken after his girlfriend informed him about her upcoming wedding ceremony with another man.

The man who disclosed that this is his 4th heartbreak in his 27 years of existence on earth said that he never knew his girlfriend was actually dating another guy for over 5 years.

He claimed that the lady at some point noted that she wants to get into a relationship for the purpose of breaking a man’s heart, but later singled him out as she asserted that he is a serious person, meanwhile her actions prove that she has just gotten what she longed for.

“Been together for like 5 months and she’s been going on and off which one time she told me she actually wants to make someone fall deeply in love with her and break the person’s heart just to know how it feels as she’s never done it but said she’s seen me to be very serious and reliable not knowing it was all wash…”

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