Police in Tanzania have killed a gunman, believed to be of Somali origin, who was on a shooting spree along the Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road located in the neighbourhood of French embassy, Dar Es Salaam.

The incident happened on the afternoon of August 25.

Tanzanian-based media reports indicate that the Inspector General of police Simon Sirro has confirmed the incident and said two security officers have been killed by the armed gunman.

It is not clear yet whether the two are private security guards or government police.

“Inspector General of Police Simon Sirro has confirmed a murder incident of two security men killed in the neighbourhood of France embassy. The two deaths were occasioned by a man suspected to be of Somali origin who has also been killed,” Wasafi FM report reads.

Video footage of the incident showed the armed man firing aimlessly in the air as he walked from one point to another.

Motorists on the adjacent Oyesterbay-Upanga road were forced to abandon their vehicles as they scampered to safety.

The identity and nationality of the man are yet to be established by the time of going to press.

The motive of his shooting spree is a subject of ongoing investigations.

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