A Zimbabwean man shocked villagers in Rushinga recently after he confessed to bedding his sister so that she could ‘receive her healing’.

David Jonasi of Chitange area revealed that his sister had not been feeling well for some time and after visiting some spiritual healers he was instructed to have sex with her.

The sexual healing process started while Jonasi’s sister was still at her husband’s. This was before she was sent to her parents’ home so that the family could help her get medical attention.

“I did that because I was so desperate to be healed of my illness and we performed the act three times – twice in the forest under a tree and the last one at home,” Jonasi’s sister said.

The matter came to light after Blessmore Mavura, a boyfriend to Jonasi’s sister, who had been suspecting an indecent act between the two tracked their movements and arrived at Jonasi’s home during the night.

After knocking on the door, he said he expected to get a response from his girlfriend but Jonasi replied him shouting.

“Jonasi fumed while inside his sister’s room. I then called out alarming the neigbours and some villagers gathered at Jonasi’s home to witness the act,” Maruva said.

A mob manhandled Jonasi and the matter was refered to headman Chitsikani who fined the siblings five beast and five goats, H-Metro reports.


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