Zambia’s new president Hakainde Hichilema has been advised to relocate from his private home to State residence.

This follows remarks made by Secretary General for the ruling United Party and National Development (UPND) Batuke Imenda that Hichilema prefers to stay in his private home at New Kasama.

According to Imenda HH’s private home is better and bigger that the state House.

Imenda was however quick to point out that Hichilema will be working from state house despite residing at his private home.

Reacting to Hichilema’s decision on relocating, former state house Press Secretary and Lusaka lawyer, Dickson Jere expressed alarm that newly elected President Hichilema wishes to live in his own private residence.

Jere said both State House residences at Nkwazi and State Lodge were the only facilities in the country designed to secure the Head of State from known and unknown threats.

He has advised people around Hichilema not to mislead him but help persuade him to begin to trust state infrastructure and State institutions.

Dickson Jere Wrote;

“The President should move to State House. That is a security installation for the Head of State and it has things that his private house does not have.”

“Zambian President has two places – Nkwazi and State Lodge – heavily equipped for the Head of State. My humble view is that he should move.”

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