No one chooses how she/he should be born and everybody is a God’s creature no matter the looks. Jospine was born with disability and she feels due to this disability all her dreams are shattered.

Josephine is 20-year-old, she is in class five but many people think she a child due to her disability. She was born with a big head and a small body.

According to her mother, Jospine started crawling while she was 6-year-old and as years went she managed to walk on her two legs although with a lot of difficulties.

Josephine claims she wanted to become a famous football player who would replace Messi but due to her disability she cannot continue with the dream and instead she is focusing on her studies.

The first day she went in school she was bullied by her school mates where she claims they used to call her miss dwarf and this disappointment her to an extent of claiming she will never go back to school.

As time goes she has learnt on how to live with bullies and she is no longer bothered. She claims she wants to be a doctor after she graduates from school.

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