Social media giant Facebook is said to be the parent company that owns Whatsapp and Instagram.

Facebook bought Whatsapp in February 2014 at 16 billion dollars.

Despite Whatsapp being among the most downloaded and used applications in the World, the company has hidden some secret features from its users.

Font Change:

Did you know you can change your font when chatting with someone? Font change is among the hidden feature that you as the user you have to use special symbols to change it.

E.g to send Hello in bold, use this format: *Hello* then send the text, for italics write underscore signs on both sides of your texts. E.g _Hello_

Sending multiple messages without creating a group.

Did you know you can send one message to different users at the same time without creating a Whatsapp group? To do so click on main menu >New broadcast.

Then choose multiple numbers you want to send messages to. The message will be delivered to every recipient but their replies will only be seen by you.

Who can call you via WhatsApp:

Do you receive calls from unwanted friends during odd hours or people you are not interested in having a conversation with them?

There is a secret feature in Whatsapp which allows you to limit specific people calling you. This feature is only found on Whatsapp Gb.

Click Main menu>Gbsetting>Privacy and security>who can call me? You can select any option you want from there.

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