Whenever our phones falls on the ground, the first thing we check is to see whether the screen is broken or not.

Furthermore, if the screen is broken, we might not be able to access our phones properly because some parts would be working while others won’t.

Luckily, the condition in which some part of the screen stops working is not permanent as one can easily fix it without stress.

Here are ways how to fix your broken screen to work again with a clean piece of wool and some toothpaste. Check out the procedure below;

1) Get your piece of clean cotton wool and put a little bit of your toothpaste on it.

2) On the surface of your broken screen, rub the toothpaste using the cotton wool gently on the broken screen.

3) Allow the toothpaste to dry on the surface of the broken screen for about 10-15 minutes.

4) Wipe off the dried paste from the screen of the phone and your screen will start working again.

However, after following the above mentioned steps and your phone fails to work properly, you may have to change the screen of the phone completely because it means your phone is damaged beyond repair.

Thanks for your time, please drop your comments about the procedures I listed above if you’ve tried it out before and don’t also forget to share this useful information to all your friends.

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