New details have emerged regarding the controversial prophet Austin Liabunya of Believers Gospel Embassy International claims that his South African First National Bank Account has been frozen and that he is under investigations.

Yesterday, the vocal man of God wrote on his official Facebook page that the South African government is investigating on alleged fraud and money laundering and that they have frozen his bank account.

This publication has therefore gathered information which is contradicting with Liabunya’s claims who is also known as Senior 1 by his followers.

According to recent reports, there is no government entity in South Africa that is investigating Liabunya on the said charges he claimed.

“The truth is no government entity in RSA is investigating him, Liabunya has no bank account in RSA and he doesn’t have any lawyer working for him.”

Our sources have also trashed Liabunya’s claims that he is a billionaire saying that he lives in Kempton Park in a single bedroom house and not in Sandton as he claims.

“Visit his page and all the photos showing him in the house can’t be taken in full coz the other bed is right at the sitting room. Liabunya has no car in RSA and he doesn’t have any business or a company,” said the sources.

Liabunya is well known with his controversial prophecies which some have come to pass.

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