Well, alcohol has some effects on the body that can lead to hangovers. If you just want to avoid hangover headaches, then you should try the Dotshot-Hangover Beverage.

It is composed of natural ingredients and essential vitamins to avoid hangover headaches. The ethanol in alcohol lowers the level of glucose in the blood, especially in the brain.

Glucose provides most of the energy for the brain, so when the glucose level drops sharply, the result will make you feel very crazy. This is why mood swings, fatigue, and general weakness occur.

Alcohol consumes the liver’s antidote; I hope no explanation is needed. This point has something to do with the congeners I will talk about in a few cases. Alcohol is a diuretic and can cause severe dehydration.

The same kind is of no avail. I used to think of people who said that certain types of alcohol made hangovers worse (I thought of this when I didn’t know anything a few years ago).

Well, the counterparts are actually impurities and toxins from the wine. There are more congeners in aged spirits (brown wines) than in non-oak spirits.

The alcohol that most congeners contain is a cheap and inferior product, they cannot distill their products properly or cut corners in terms of ingredients and production and or add artificial colors and flavors to products.

That said, I think this is the best option for alcoholics to reduce hangovers and or help alleviate them. it has started:

1. Eat before, during, and after drinking.

It reduces the rate of poisoning, so you can drink without going from 0 to 60. Never drink on an empty stomach!

2. Drink plenty of water!

Ideally, drink at least one full glass of water for every drink you drink. Water with electrolytes will do wonders.

3. Quality drinks!

Buzzing and headaches are two different things! Premium drinks bring a premium drinking experience to help you get up early! There is one more thing I cannot emphasize enough: just because it is a popular brand or your favorite rapper drink, it does not mean its quality! Do your own research on the brand.

4. Know when to stop drinking.

If you stumble, slur, or embarrass yourself, maybe you should stop. You must be an adult to drink for a reason.

However, if you just don’t want to try these methods, you can choose Dotshot-Hangover Drink. It is composed of natural ingredients and essential vitamins to avoid hangover headaches.

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