In a bizarre incident, a 35-year-old man killed his wife and two children and buried their bodies inside his house in the Bisrakh area of Greater Noida. The matter came to the fore three years later, when he tried to prove himself dead by killing his friend and keeping his identity card with the dead body in Kasganj.

The two districts police on Wednesday night – Kasganj and Noida – have now exhumed the remains of bodies from the house and sent samples for DNA tests. The man was also arrested by Kasganj Police.

Police said the accused was having an affair with a constable posted with Uttar Pradesh. To marry the woman, he killed his wife as he wanted to live with the constable.

Police suspect that the accused’s father and other family members are also involved in the murder, Their interrogations are on.

Who is the accused?

A native of Greater Noida’s Bisrakh’s Chipayana Buzurg village – Rakesh – got married to Ratnesh, who was a resident of Etah, in 2012. Following fights with his wife, on February 14, 2018, he killed his wife and two children – a 2-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter and buried their bodies inside his house. Later, staged the drama of her kidnapping.

How police cracked the case?

After killing his wife, he pretended that his wife was missing somewhere and also lodged complaints against her family members. However, the woman’s family in Etah also suspected that he was involved in the missing of their daughter and kids. Several claims and counterclaims were given by both the families in their respective police stations.

To get rid of all this, in April, this year he killed one of his friends in the Kasganj area and decapitated the body. He also left his own identity card near the dead body but somehow, Kasganj police managed to establish the identity of the dead person and caught Rakesh for murdering his friend.

During interrogation, he revealed the whole story and subsequently, the dead bodies of his wife and two children have also been exhumed from his residence.

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