Arguing on money after hitting the 2-million-dollar jackpot is one of the causes leading to a tragedy of an American family. The incident took the lives of 3 people.

People reported that John Donato, 42, shot his wife Tiffani Hill, 31, and their 1-year-old daughter Leanne on August 6, costing their lives at home in Calera, Oklahoma state. Donato later took his own life, according to local police.

Hill and Donato’s bodies were found in the scene while Leanne was hospitalized by helicopter but couldn’t make it.

November last year, Hill won a 2-million-dollar prize in the California lottery. After that, she married Donato and the family moved to Oklahoma to live. The couple has 4 kids.

The other three kids were also at home the time of the shooting. The family lawyer, Mrs. Theresa McGehee, said that the lottery prize was one of the main problems that ignited the couple’s arguments.

“Is it for the argument that led to the gunfire? We can’t be sure about it. However, I know that it was for many times the reason behind their arguments”, McGehee said.

Hill’s relatives shared that Hil used to want to break up with her husband when Donato became violent. Jamie Kern, Hill’s sister, said that her sister was a nice person who loved her kids. McGehee also revealed that Hill was preparing papers to file for divorce when the shooting came in between.

A page has been created on fund-raising website GoFundMe to fund the funeral of Hill’s family.

Any money left on their accounts will be transferred to the trust fund for Hill’s kids.

After the incident, Hill’s family called for household violence victims to learn from her miserable death. They advised that the victims when sensing danger should contact the authorities for assistance right away and should not wait till everything becomes too late.

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