A wedding is supposed to be a day filled with joy and love between the happy couple but… sometimes things don’t always go as planned. With a mixture of stress, hysterical mother-in-laws, last-minute changes, (and lots of alcohol of course) all coming together, you never know what kind of craziness will ensue. Usually, the problems at a wedding are pretty manageable, but sometimes things get so out of control that you’re left thanking your lucky stars that you’re still single. Keep scrolling to see just how bad wedding failures can really get.

  1. Who’s The Bride?

When you go to a wedding, there are unspoken rules everyone has to follow. Don’t get too drunk, don’t get in a fight, and whatever you do, don’t show up in a white dress. Traditionally, the bride is the only one who should be wearing white because it is her big day, and she is the center of attention.

Unless the invitation stated for people to wear white, or the bride approved your white gown, it is so rude to show up looking like the bride. The bride seems angry with the guest, who decided to steal the spotlight. It was an uncomfortable situation to witness.

  1. The Fool Who Went And Ripped His Pants

Remember that episode of Spongebob Squarepants when he rips his pants, and everyone laughs at him. Well, this groomsman danced so hard he split his pants just like Spongebob. However, he wasn’t going to let this wardrobe malfunction get in the way of having a good time.

Not only did he dance so hard he split his pants, but that also means the party was fantastic. This is one wedding moment people will never forget, and they have pictures to relive the moment forever.

  1. Wedding Cake Disaster

Wedding cakes require lots of time and energy from skilled bakers, and the bride and groom put a lot of thought into this element of their wedding. Some cakes cost hundreds of dollars, and they look like edible art. When this newlywed couple was about to cut their magnificent cake, disaster struck.

Something happened with the table, and the cake went tumbling to the ground. The bride said she felt like everything was happening in slow-motion as their expensive cake crashed to the floor. They tried to grab the table, but it was too late; the cake was a goner.

  1. Wedding Day Flare-Up

When you get married, you hope to feel and look your best. There will be so many pictures taken, so everyone wants their makeup and skin to look beautiful. Unfortunately for Queen Bey’s sister, Solange, she was not having the best skin day for her wedding.

During the reception, something made her face break out in hives, and she had all these bumps on her face. After the wedding, Solange tweeted that she took a Benadryl and blamed the flare-up on the hot Louisiana weather.

  1. Be Careful What You Eat On The Big Day

Wedding disasters happen to celebrities too! When Hilary Duff got married in 2010, her day was not off to a good start. She had been dieting to stay trim for the big day, and while she was getting ready, she wanted to eat a bagel. Unfortunately, Duff broke her tooth on the bagel.

Duff enjoyed her first bagel in a long time, and it was soft, and everything was fine until she spits her tooth out in her hand. When she went on Chelsea Lately, she told the talk show host that her wedding planner was able to book an emergency dentist appointment just in time to make it back for the ceremony.

  1. Bride And Groom Take A Tumble

Once the ceremony is over, the bride and groom are filled with excitement and love. Some people hold hands as they walk away from the altar, and one man decided to show off his “macho-ness” by carrying his bride away. However, he failed to remember that he didn’t have the upper body strength of his football playing highschool self.

Instead of gracefully whisking her away, the groom slipped on the muddy grass, and the couple came crashing to the ground. The bride’s dress was covered in mud and grass stains, and the groom was pretty embarrassed. At least they have a memorable wedding story to tell their future children.

  1. Garter Toss Gone Wrong

Like the bouquet toss for women; the garter toss is a rally for men to see who will be the next to get married. Although in reality, it is mostly just a contest of who can catch the best, and if the groom can throw behind his head. This groom didn’t have the best aim, and the garter got stuck on a hanging decoration.

One of the groomsmen decided he really wanted to get the garter, so his supportive boys hoisted him up to the chandelier. Things went south quickly, and he was swinging from the chandelier while the garter had fallen to the ground. It was a garter toss no one would forget.

  1. Down She Goes

Once the ceremony concludes, and the couple walks outside of the church where the groom can steal another kiss for the perfect romantic shot. This groom decided to dip his blushing bride for the cameras, but he forgot to bring her back up.

He literally swept her off her feet but didn’t keep her up in the air. The bride did take a tumble, but thankfully no one was injured in this situation. Luckily for us though, the cameras were there to capture this hilarious moment that the groom will never live down.

  1. No Need For Bathroom Breaks On Her Wedding Day

On your wedding day, many brides choose to wear sexy undergarments for their first night with their husband. However, with the big gown and intricate lingerie, bathroom breaks are challenging. The bride usually requires a team of people to help her use the restroom without ruining the dress.

This bride had different plans for her big day. Instead of losing precious dance time, she wore a diaper under her dress. She didn’t have to deal with the hassle of using the restroom, and she could savor every moment of her big day.

  1. Watch Your Step

When some women get married, they choose ball gowns with a long flowing train or veils that trail off as they walk down the aisle. Usually, there is someone to hold the veil so that the bride doesn’t trip, and no one steps on it, but as weddings go, things don’t always go as planned.

This bride was making her way out of the church with her husband, and someone stepped on her veil. As it was pinned tightly into her hair, stepping on it pulled her head back in pain. She does not look too pleased with this misstepping guest.

  1. Here Falls The Bride

When this couple got married, their photographer asked them to leave the church before the guests. This was to get clear shots of them walking out of the venue. Unfortunately, there were steps to get to the sidewalk, and the bride’s dress was too much for her to walk in.

As she came down the stairs, she tripped over her dress and started to fall face forward. Luckily her new husband quickly reacted and grabbed her, but it sent him spinning into the crowd. He ended up ripping his pants in the fiasco, but the bride’s dress was left unharmed.

  1. Unwelcome Guest

While some people choose to get married in churches or indoor venues, others take advantage of the beautiful beaches where they live. However, when you get married on the beach, you have the problem of random people watching your wedding because public beaches can’t be completely rented out.

When this couple got married on the beach, an unwelcomed guest crashed the ceremony. He must have mistaken their archway for a fire hydrant. However, this couple has now been married for seven years, so maybe the dog was blessing them.

  1. “Help, I Forgot The Rings!”

One of the most important roles in a wedding is the maid of honor or the best man. They are there to help the bride and groom with anything they need throughout the planning period and the day of the wedding. Sometimes their duties include being in charge of the rings on the big day.

The woman in the beige dress was the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding, and she was supposed to have the rings during the ceremony. During the ceremony, she realized she forgot them in her room and tried to get her parent’s attention, so they could run and get them. The photographer captured the subtle interaction.

  1. First Is The Worst, Second Is The Best

While marriages should be filled with love and laughter, sometimes they don’t work out the first go around. At his friend’s second wedding, the best man decided to start his speech with the line, “Welcome back, everyone.” You can see he just roasted the groom, but everyone got a kick out of it.

While we can’t say if the bride was too happy about this, the groomsmen were dying with laughter. If you can’t learn to laugh at some of your past mistakes, then they will keep bothering you forever. Let’s hope the second time is the charm, or he might hear, “Welcome back again” in another best man’s speech.

  1. No Iron, Big Problem

Surprisingly, there are many wedding shame groups on Facebook. From engagement ring shamers to people who pick apart the bride and groom’s attire, people on the internet love to make fun of others. When this picture was posted on Facebook, the haters took to the comment section to talk about the groom’s pants.

The groom’s pants were noticeably wrinkled, which is usually something people take care of before pictures. One user on the wedding shamers group commented that the bride looks so beautiful, and she shouldn’t have to take photos with pants as wrinkled as these. The internet is a harsh place.

  1. Wedding Crasher

Sometimes, the wedding party will photobomb the couple during their pictures sessions, so they have funny memories. However, you never expect to be photobombed by a golf cart crash. The couple asked their friends for help to create dust in the background, and that is precisely what they got, plus a little extra.

When their friend was creating the dust with the golf cart, he lost control, and it tipped over. It wasn’t the original look they were going for, but it made some truly memorable shots. That is something they will never forget from their big day.

  1. Bridesmaid Down, We Repeat, Bridesmaid Down

Some wedding photographers come up with weird photo ideas so that they can get the best shots. At this couple’s wedding, the bridesmaids and the couple were asked to race for the beer cups, but running in dresses is not as easy as it looks.

As everyone raced for the beer, one bridesmaid tripped over her dress and face planted into the grass. Before the ceremony even started, she had a fat lip, and half her face was swollen. At least she will never forget this couple’s wedding because of her injuries.

  1. “That’s My Owner, You Can’t Have Her”

Some people are so attached to their pets, they treat them like children. For those people, it would be criminal not to include their adorable animals in their wedding. This couple decided to have their puppy at their ceremony, but he was not a very good boy.

The dog was not happy that his mom was giving her attention to someone else, so he had to be carried away. The couple couldn’t stop laughing while their dog tried to escape the arms of a family member. He was definitely a scene-stealer on the big day.

  1. Jesus Was Here

When people have their wedding photos taken, they expect some post-editing with the colors and maybe a little smoothing. However, some photographers take their creative freedom to the next level. This couple was not expecting their wedding pictures to turn out like this.

The photographer photoshopped Jesus on the sky, and they were shocked to see him photobombing their picture. They had to pick which ones they wanted from the proofs, and you can bet this was not one of the images they bought.

  1. Kill Two Birds With One Stone

When this couple got married, they didn’t realize that their guests could also be drug tested right next door to the party. Thanks to the Oklahoma County Courthouse, the wedding guests can cross off some of the things on their to-do lists.

Hopefully, no one was getting married under the influence, but you never know these days. At the courthouse, they like to keep everything streamlined and efficient, so maybe these two things are in the same room for a reason.


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