A 47-year old British national Albert Habimana has been convicted for 9 months for unlawful stay in the country.

Immigration Department Public Relations Officer, Namati Nshinka said Habimana was arrested on August 31, 2021 for failing to appear before an Immigration Office on entry into the country and illegally staying in the country for 9 months contrary to sections 12(2) and 11(3) of the Immigration and Deportation Act No. 18 of 2010 of the Laws of Zambia.

Mr Habimana was arrested on 31 st August, 2021 by Immigration Officers in Lusaka when he visited the Immigration Office in an attempt to legalize his stay in the country.

It was at this point that it was discovered that Mr Habimana had entered and was illegally staying in the country from between November 18, 2020 and 31 st August, 2021.

Mr Habimana was sentenced to pay a fine of K 20,000 or in default 9 months simple imprisonment for both counts and has since been removed from the

country after paying the court fine.

Mr Habimana’s conviction brings the number of convictions secured by the Immigration Department to 16 between 3 rd and 5 th September 2021.

Mr Nshinka said Immigration Office in Chibombo has apprehended ten (10) Burundians for illegal entry and stay in the country.

The foreign nationals who are aged between 27 and 40 years were nabbed on Friday, 3 rd September, 2021 in Kabangwe during a clean-up operation carried

out to rid the area of illegal immigrants.

The ten Burundian nationals were found selling in shops and failed to

produce documentation legalizing their entry and stay in the country, and are currently detained pending further formalities.

Mr Nshinka also disclosed that the Shang’ombo Immigration Office in Western Province apprehended three (03) suspected Angolans for obtaining National Registration Cards (NRCs) fraudulently.

The suspected Angolans were arrested on 3 rd and 4 th September, 2021 awaiting prosecution.

Mr Nshinka said the arrest brings the number of persons apprehended by the Department for immigration-related offences between 3 rd and 5 th September, 2021 to 39.

He said the Department also removed eight illegal immigrants from the country and refused two (02) foreign nationals entry into the country for failing to meet entry requirements.

Mr Nshika advised citizens against assisting illegal immigrants to acquire national documents of identity such as the National Registration Card and Passports.

“It is irresponsible and unpatriotic to assist any person who does not legally qualify for these important documents to obtain them. Our Officers across the country continue being on high alert to detect documents of national identity suspected to have been obtained fraudulently”, said Mr Nshinka.

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