A South African man has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend after a body was found burnt near train tracks in Mbekweni in Paarl.

The discovery was made over the weekend.

Siphokazi Booi’s (27) family and community leaders said that even though the body was burnt beyond recognition, they believed that it was her.

Neighbours and relatives have been visiting Booi’s family home in Mbekweni to pay their respects.

Siphokazi was swollen allegedly from being beaten by her boyfriend. She was found burnt beyond recognition on Sunday

Along a neighbouring street, some residents stood at a vacant plot where the woman’s boyfriend’s shack once stood.

The dwelling was completely destroyed following the 30-year-old man’s arrest.

His car was also torched and stood in the road opposite the plot where his home once stood.

Across the street is the Mbekweni train station.

That’s where a body, presumably that of Booi, was found burned over the weekend.

The scene has been cleared and all that remains is a black, burnt spot, surrounded by rubble next to the train tracks.

Zukiswa Mohono said that her niece lived with two relatives and was last seen on Friday.

She claimed that the deceased was in an abusive relationship and just last month, the family urged her to leave her partner.

“The relationship was abusive and why she didn’t get out, we don’t know. We begged her not to get back with the guy.”

The suspect is due in court on Wednesday.

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