A medical doctor, Anthony Chijoke, has gone on Facebook with anger to accuse his colleague, Ozuzu George Davidson, of destroying his home.

In a series of Facebook posts, the man said that his friend, Dr Signor Onukwugha Amachukwu, who was his roommate for years without paying him a dime, colluded with George.

Chijoke said he did not know that he was dealing with a devil in sheep’s clothing all those years they were together.

The man went ahead to say that Amachukwu, did all that despite the fact that he witnessed his marriage ceremony.

In another post, the doctor said that the same George who congratulated him when he married took his wife to Dubai and Abuja where they slept with each other for weeks.

As if that was not enough shame, Chijoke revealed that the man is now claiming his marriage was never legal. To counter this, the real husband shared his marriage certificate.

Social media users have since reacted to the story. Below are some of them:

Michael Columbus said: “This matter serious oh.”

Jude Ngozi Divine said: “Wow, things are happening. This is really bad.”

Mss Adaobi said: “D major fault is from ur wife, she gave him d chance to sleep with him.”

Prince Sunday “Just forget about the doctor and deal with the cause of this problems, nobody was forced or deceived to Dubai and Abuja….because I guess when this was going on, she made you think she was home…….this marriage thing getting more scary every day.”

Confidence Ihua Waribo said: “Boss! Take heart! This your wife is not the ordained one for you. Move on baba! That woman is too promiscuous, her level of promiscuity is glaring & that’s not the plans of God Almighty for you. Leave vengeance to God.”

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