Kenya Police in Shinyalu Kakamega county have launched an investigation following the death of a 35-year-old man whose body was found in a goldmine.

Reports allege that the man is suspected to have been killed by his wife before dumping his body.

Confirming the incident, police’s Robert Makau said the police have started the investigation over the incident.

“We received the information from the area chief and by now the actual report about the cause will be out once the postmortem is done,” Makau noted.

According to an eyewitness identified as Fridah Shing’ola, the body of Cetric Arungula was discovered by her 14-year-old granddaughter who was engaging in sand harvesting for sale.

“She accompanied by her brother were out on their normal sand harvesting activities when they came across the body and hurried back to the village to inform us,” Fridah noted.

Another witness Fredrick Makasu stated that he was informed about the deceased by the two minors prompting him to call the local chief noting that the deceased was bleeding from the mouth and seemed to have been killed elsewhere and dumped in the area.

“The deceased was bleeding from the mouth and we are now asking the family to offer a goat to cleanse our land as the body will bring bad luck to us,” he said.

The family of the deceased noted that a few days prior to his death, he had been spotted being ferried in a motorbike by an unknown female rider.

The father to the deceased further claimed he is suspecting the wife adding that they were in constant domestic squabbles and want her to be investigated.

“The two were in constant fights and I strongly believe she is behind the killings since although she had left to attend her father’s death, her relatives were seen in the compound before the death,” Silas Mukofu claimed.

Local nyumba kumi official Husein Muhanji has warned men from prolonging domestic cases adding that such cases should be solved equitably.

His body has since been moved to Kakamega referral hospital mortuary.

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