A woman who set a wedding date with a man she met online was shocked when she discovered that he was her ex.

Emma, a single mom from Liverpool, England, met a man named Harry online.

She found him amazing and everything she could have hoped for in a partner.

“He looks amazing, he just ticks every single box. He’s literally perfection. I’m quite obsessed with the boy to be fair. It’s a bit scary. He’s an entrepreneur, he’s got property portfolios. Whenever I speak to him he’s always going here, there and everywhere. He’s gorgeous, he’s fit,” Emma was quoted as saying by LADbible.

However, things started to get dicey when Harry would speak to Emma on FaceTime only in a dark room where his face would not be visible properly.

The duo decided to meet and Emma even travelled from Liverpool to an airport in London. But Harry told her that they would have to cancel the date as he “missed his flight from Dubai” where he had claimed to be on business.

Emma contacted MTV’s Catfish UK to find out the truth about her online lover. The show hosts found out that Harry was not the man he was pretending to be.

Harry’s WhatsApp image of the Ferrari he claimed to be his turned out to be a stock image.

The next blow came when a picture of Harry wearing a hoodie with a brand name on it turned out to be fake. When the team looked up the company, they found out that Harry looked identical to one of the brand’s models named Komal.

Finally, a show host confronted Harry in a message about their suspicions. Harry tried to maintain his fake identity.

A day later, he asked Emma if they could meet at the Royal Albert Dock.

When the pair met, Emma found out that Harry was actually George, the man she had dated last year.

“Are you joking me? This has been you the whole time. I’ve been wasting my time for six months, are you joking?” Emma asked.

Harry said, “Everything I said has been from me. I understand I shouldn’t have done it, but it’s the only way I could think to communicate with her, she’s the love of my life.”

The show said that George and Emma are now friends.

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