The creator created us in a unique way, he created us in his own image and likeness. Everyone is beautiful and handsome but what you do is what makes you beautiful.

When a beautiful person is walking people will be watching and be like wow, but when an ugly person is walking, the person will be watched small and eyes will be off that person.

But if you are a bad looking person or an ugly person and you do remarkable works, people will watch you or you will get attention.

Most people say the beautiful are watched but the ugly aren’t but your deed will also tell. God created us in a way he wants but mankind is trying to tell God that what he created is not nice.

Yes, God gave us a finger nail colour but humans will change the colour, a hair colour but humans will change it, a skin colour but humans will change it and this simply means that they don’t like what God created or they mean what God created is not worthy of them.

All this are bad, this brings me to a saying that says no matter how old you are, you are still a child to your mother. So no matter your position, you are still under God.

Let’s get started with the main reason why we came here.

Tattoo is a stain that is use to design the skin. Many people apply tattoos on their body to remember someone they’ve lost or to remember an important day that has passed by.

Others apply it to beautify their body, or maybe it’s an addiction, for attention or to be recognised as a person in a group but some people went too far with it, below are people that went too far with their tattoos:


The man above tattooed his body to the extent that he changed the colour of his eyes to black and divided his tongue into two and had those stains on his face.


This guy went too far with his tattoo by totally staining his face and taking off his nose and ears. He got his eyes darkened and got himself horns.


This beautiful lady went too far with her tattoo by staining her eye into a blue colour.

4. This guy also got his whole body tattooed and went too far by staining his eye and not only that, he also got himself black horns implanted on his head.

What is your say in this?


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