Recently there have been so many cases of people hacking phones as a way of monitoring someone or with the intentions of stealing from them.

It is always very important to make sure that your phone is not hacked and it working has it should be.

Nowadays hacking someone’s phone is quite easy due to technology and that why you should take actions incase you suspect that your phone is hacked.

When your phone is hacked there are signs and notifications you start seeing. Sometimes what you think may not be true and that why you can as well try to confirm using codes.

Right now so many people do keep so many important details in the phone and that gives a reason why you should always keep your phone safe.

Someone can hack your phone by forwarding the calls such that anytime you receive a call he or she can get to the call or the message in that call.

Secondly, the text messages can as well be forwarded, sometimes you may realize that even before you get to open a new message it is already opened.

To check if your call or messages are forwarded, you just need to dial *#21#. After dialing you will received a long notification that will confirm to you if any your messages or calls are forwarded.

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