Domasi police have arrested a businessman known as Mr. Magalasi for allegedly kidnapping two men whom he tied and placing them in his car’s boot.

According to reports, Magalasi had given the two men money amounting to K500, 000 to buy for him cooking oil and Frozey on their way to Mozambique where they go to sell linya.

Due to other engagements the men failed to honor business agreements a development which angered Magalasi and demanded his money back.

This happened after the men had already bought at least three quarter of the commodities.

After they came back, they sold the Frozey and gave K445, 000 to Mr. Magalasi remaining with a balance of K55, 000.

Magalasi told the guys that he wants his money in full, he then tied the guys with linya both on arms and legs during day of yesterday at Govala in zomba up to when we arrested

Domasi police got a tip at night that there is a car Nissan Xtrail NN 4480 with people tied in the boot.

Following the intel Domasi Police worked on tracing the car and the hunt was successful and rescued the victims at around 2350hours.

At the time they were found the legs of the victims were swollen due to insufficient supply of blood and were being beaten at intervals and also threatened with panga knife.

Magalasi will appear before the court soon.

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