A Zambian prophet Isaac Amata has said that time will come and Zambian will regret voting Edgar Chagwa Lungu out of government.

The message which is in writing prophet Amata said the full manifestation of what will be served on Zambians will be shown after three  months of Hakainde Hichilema’s reign.

“Say whatever you like! In Zambia a Saul is not a David and a David is never a Saul! Gradually already you have started seeing it with your EYES! After 3 months you will know finally,” said Amata.

According to Amata the people to remember Lungu first will be farmers and civil servants in various initiatives.

“Zambians will remember ECL! especially the farmers on fertilizer and civil servants on debt swap initiative,” he said.

The said man of God said continued that Lungu had started doing good things especially in civil servants and farmers in agricultural; sector but impatience is about top cost Zambians.

According to him God’s choice may not be the best but no one is smarter than God, ironically telling Zambians that what they did by voting Lungu out was not God’s decision hence they will carry the consequences.

“Mark my words, free education forget about it… God’s choice may not be the best but no one is smarter than God!…l have said it over and over again. ”There’s a consequence of putting man’s choice above God’s will!”

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