Controversial prophet Austin Liabunya yesterday took to social media praying for women who want to get married urgently, saying God instructed him to do so.

Despite being on a ten year suspension from preaching the word of God as declared by Malawian, South African Based Pastor Hastings Salanje, Senior 1 is still delivering prophecies and praying for people.

Writing on his Facebook page, Liabunya urged his followers especially women in need of marriage to have faith in God and Anointing marriage will locate them.

“God has instructed me to pray for all ladies who want to marry urgently. If you’re trusting God for marriage the ANOINTING is waiting for you to take a step of FAITH,” said Liabunya.

He further promised to come back with the same prayer item but for men.

“Next time will be men’s turn but women first,” he said.

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