Video circulating online captures two beautiful and endowed ladies giving testimony in church while flaunting their raw goodies in front of their pastor and the entire congregation.

An influx in church ministries across the globe continues to bring a corresponding confusion into the once respected spiritual arena.

Unlike in the past when God’s Word was taken serious and only preached by the ordained, nowadays any one can become pastor by a stroke of a pen as long as he or she can open a church and call himself big titles like a ‘Bishop.

The owners of such places of worship having noticed how women are the most vulnerable species that can be easily manipulated into believing anything said on the pulpit, have upped their influence towards that direction.

They make sure women throng their churches with problems that are and can never be solved even after five years of service attendance.

Fraudulent Tithes and conmanship takes place in such places with a lot of reckless abandon. Members are drained dry like ticks on milk cows.

As if that is not enough, cases have also emerged where randy pastors lure women into their beds for a corresponding solution to their life challenges including barrenness which is never solved.

Trending video – And in a disturbing video which landed on our desk this morning of Friday September 17, captures two ladies giving testimony in church while flaunting their raw goodies.

It remains unclear where the incident happened.

Meanwhile, the other congregants who were extremely happy could not sit without cheering the two shameless ladies.

Watch the video below :



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