Ex-wife of Kenyan lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui wants court to exhume the body of their deceased infant who died in 2017, for autopsy in order to ascertain the cause of her death.

Through an application filed in the Chief Magistrate court Tabbyrose Wanja Wamaitha through her lawyer Danstan Omari says lawyer Kinyanjui is a ‘devil worshipper’.

“That the applicant herein believes that the 4th respondent practices and participates in harmful religious practices by being a member of freemason,” the application read in part.

“The said infant had fever the day before her death and despite the mother herein the applicant insisting on taking the minor to the hospital, the 4th respondent refused,” the application added.

Wamaitha further claims that she had to forcefully take the baby to the hospital the next morning before the infant was pronounced dead.

She said, in the application, that the child suffered from down syndrome and heart complications prior to her death and that the father allegedly did not care about the deceased’s medical condition.

After the death of the minor, it is alleged that the mother of the infant suggested that the child be buried at the Langata Cemetery or on her land in Maa Mahiu after an autopsy but her ex-husband later changed the burial place to a property that belongs to him in Gatundu.

It is alleged that Kinyanjui removed the body of the deceased from the mortuary on October 16, 2017, and had the same buried after a secret autopsy was conducted by an unidentified pathologist.

Danstan Omari in the application claims that the mother of the infant learnt of the changes later and because she wasn’t in her right state of mind due to the pain of losing a child she didn’t object.

However, Wamaitha’s sister Anne Wangechi Wanja, in an affidavit, has defended insisting that it is not right to exhume the little girl’s body.

She further claims that her sister and the lawyer were not married.

She says that the allegations by the sister are untrue and that her sister participated in the burial.

The court ruling will be made on November 12.

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