A 27-year-old man who worked as a Human Resources and Admin Clerk at a local firm, Goal Zimbabwe, has appeared in court on allegations of swindling US$25 000 after employing 300 Ghost workers.

Blessing hove was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

According to court papers, the complainant is Gabriella Prandiniand, 49.

Circumstances are that on a date unknown to the prosecutor but for a period extending from October 2020 to August 2021, the accused who has been  working for Goal Zimbabwe as a Human Resources and admin clerk reportedly  forged documents like daily labour sheets and the complainant’s signature on the contract forms and converted the money for the organisation into his personal use.

Hove who was responsible for employing workers, processing the contract forms as well as salaries for those workers misrepresented facts to the organisation that he had employed more than 300 people and was receiving their payments thereby defrauding the organisation of approximately USD 25 000-00.

The court heard that on the 2nd day of August 2021, it was discovered that the accused was paying more than 300 ghost workers.

It is further alleged that the contract forms for the ghost workers were checked and it was discovered that the organisation had not employed those 300 workers but Hove was receiving the money for the salaries of those ghost workers and converting the money into his own use.

After the offence had been discovered, Hove resigned without giving notice and the complainant then made a police report.

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