There was drama in Mocheche, Kisii county after a starved man kissed the bride to “death” during their wedding ceremony.

According to medical reports, the man by the name of Benjamin Omoke angrily swung into kissing action immediately the presiding man of God asked him to show love to his wife.

It is then that the Kisii man violently kissed the bride to the extent that he deprived her of the free oxygen, making her fall unconscious for the longest time possible.

As a result, the wedding was immediately brought to a standstill prematurely in a bid to rescue the bride whose breath had been taken away by the husband.

Despite the troubles, the guests continued taking the delicious meals that had been brought to them.

In the meantime, the 29-year-old Mercy Mokeira was rushed to the Kisii county referral hospital with doctors’ reports showing that she had suffered from asphyxiation while being kissed by her better half.

At the same time, information confined to reveals that the two lovers are planning to conduct another wedding once the bride recovers from the violent kiss from the husband.

“We will ensure that this wedding proceeds despite the works of the devil of attempting to slow down this religious activity. We urge everyone to pray so that such a thing does not happen again.” Said, one attendee.

Also, there are those who suggested that the two should not engage in any kissing affair during their next wedding because it was the major cause of all the troubles.

“I think that the presiding pastor, the man, and the wife should arrive at a mutual agreement to eradicate kissing since it is the evil at hand. We will understand even if the two do not engage in public kissing.” Suggested another wedding attendee.

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