Marriage is a contract agreed to by two parties who promise to share themselves and their goods for their mutual benefit, with the prospect of raising a family that lives beyond them and prospers over time.

Marrying someone you love is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience you can ever have in life. Humans are creatures of emotions.

Emotional gratification is of the greatest importance, more than even the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothes.

The complete fulfillment of emotional needs, Trust cycle is complete, No feeling of loneliness, Love and possessiveness Marrying the person you love will make all these possible.

Colonel Doumbouya is a soldier and as it is required of every soldier, he or she must serve and pay the ultimate price when the need arises. It is not easy for any potential wife to marry a soldier bearing in mind the number of days he will be away and the constant fear of your partner losing his life in combat or in a terrorist attack.

Nevertheless, the brave soldier has proven to be a good husband and a decent human being.

The wedding photos of the soldier have surfaced online with his french wife in a lovely ceremony which is splendid.

In another photo, the man of the moment is seen with his wife and children signifying how important they are to him

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