A jealous lady went berserk and caused damage to her boyfriend’s car after suspecting he cheated on her.

There have been various reasons why men and women fight in a relationship but research as shown that either the lady or the guy is cheating.

When a spouse catches his or her lover cheating this results in various forms of violence while, some will beat up their partner others will prefer to destroy household items.

Jealous lady angrily destroy her boyfriend’s car after suspecting he cheated on her

A lady who rather jumped into conclusion hastily has been left in an awkward situation after she destroyed her man’s expensive car over infidelity only to realize that she made a huge mistake.

In the video below , the man confronted his girlfriend for destroying his car, and in response, she said it’s because he was cheating on her after he left the house around 10 pm following a text he received.

So, she decided to smash his car and he queried her about it, that was when she told him she saw his text which reads; ”Come get these cakes”

He then revealed that he left late because he went out to get cakes he wanted to use to surprise her for their one-year anniversary.

She left utterly left dumbfounded after this revelation and we guess once the filming stops, she will continue asking for forgiveness from her man.

Watch the video below;



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