They were evicted from the house on Sunday, September 26 and they were also evicted one after the other as Nini’s eviction came first followed by Saga.

After their eviction, patrons have shared their thoughts, and here are some of the comments;

@dammiedammie35 – Saga has been evicted and he’s so happy , I wonder why

@morpher__ – With all the Nini and Saga content Queen come get more votes pass their two combined

@PIrichardson – This BBNaija na mumu game…why evict Queen before Saga and Nini when she clearly has more votes than both….twist isonu

@Latoya_Mwix – Saga and Nini’s percentages though

@lambano_all – They re trying to protect Angel for showing us her breast and pussy. Why not Nini or Saga? Why angel?

@Ifeoma__N – Nini always said she had a bf but her actions weren’t even matching her words. Its like the babe sef is confused. “I have bf” but Saga will be pressing her bumbum and she wouldn’t budge. Lol

@Tosyn_OT – queen really did body saga and nini at the polls. a queen, right there.

@Its_osi – It was never going to be possible that Nini and saga would have more fans than queen See as dem carry last #BBNaija

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