A fight broke out recently in Beatrice after two men and their colleagues fought for the same woman they had come to pay lobola for.

A local Beatrice pastor, Marvin Rwatirinda, has since confirmed the incident and is now demanding 10% of the bride price. said Rwatirinda of Higher Faith Ministries:

“We called this year (2021); ‘The Year of Instant Results’ and Grace Musonza (who is at the centre of the controversy) prayed to get married.”
It is reported that the 27-year-old Musonza was in a relationship with one George Mbirimi who she left after the latter kept giving empty promises on when he would pay lobola for her.

Musonza later fell in love with another man, Martin Marisa, who is a businessman in the area.

Three months later, Marisa visited his new in-laws to pay lobola for Musonza.

Mbirimi, however, came to Musonza homestead on the same day after being tipped off about the lobola ceremony.

He brought his colleagues and US$620 which he intended to pay as bride price.

His rival, Marisa had with him US$5 500.

A fierce fight broke out, Mbirimi and his team were defeated and fled from the Musonza homestead with their cash.

The lobola ceremony proceeded after the fight with Marisa’s father-in-law bragging he was going to buy a vehicle from the lobola money.

However, Rwatirinda, the pastor, is also demanding his 10% share of the bribe price as through his prayers, Musonza was able to find a boyfriend and got married as she wished.

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