There are some social media chatroom and internet abbreviations you might have come across but do not know their meaning. Moreover, they are rarely used unlike the popular LOL, ASAP, LMAO, SMH, et cetera. Also, do you know that CHAT itself is not a word but an acronym? Yes it is! CHAT is the acronym for CONVERSATIONAL HYPERTEXT ACCESS TECHNOLOGY.

The content pictures also have more of these.

1. YOLO: This is most often used by youngsters to convince their peers on social media to get involved in some social activities. YOLO is the abbreviated form of You Only Live Once.

2. TLDR:¬†TLDR is used to indicate that one could not finish reading a particular post because it was too long. Too Long, Didn’t Read is the full meaning of TLDR.

3. NVM: Nevermind is the full meaning of NVM. The hashtag is used to avoid further explanations to inquisitive social media users about a matter.

4. CMIIW:¬†CMIIW is used when one is not sure of the information he/she has posted online and is opening up for correction. CMIIW means Correct Me If I’m Wrong.

5. IMHO/IMO:¬†IMHO hashtag works almost the same way as CMIIW. In My Humble Opinion which is the full meaning of IMHO suggests the social media poster’s opinion about a particular topic irrespective of what others may think. Close to IMHO is IMO which stands for In My Opinion.

6. AMAA/AMA: AMAA is the acronym for Ask Me Almost Anything. The hashtag is used by an internet/social media user to encourage other people on the platform to ask him/her questions on a certain topic of interest. AMA is similar to AMA meaning Ask Me Anything.

7. 14AA41: This hashtag is one of the least used and least popular hashtags. It stands for One For All, All For One used to signify solidarity in a team or a group.

8. CWYL:¬†Chat With You Later which is the full meaning of CWYL serves as a ‘good bye’ message during an online chat.

9. TTYT: TTYT works in the same way as CWYL except for the fact that TTYT indicates that the conversation will have to continue the next day. It stands for Talk To You Tomorrow.

10. TTFN: Ta-Ta For Now which is the full meaning of TTFN works exactly as CWYL.

11. ICYMI: In Case You Missed It is the full meaning of ICYMI. The hashtag is used when one is reposting a past or trending event online in case anyone missed it.

12. TBT: TBT is used in two ways:

I. The first meaning of TBT is ThrowBack Thursday. The hashtag is used when an internet or social media user wants to remind other users what happened on Thursday.

II. The second meaning is Truth Be Told. Truth Be Told hashtag is used when a social media user wants to be honest about the information he/she has given or is about to give.

13. ITA: ITA is used to indicate ones support for a particular opinion or suggestion. ITA is the acronym for I Totally Agree.

14. YCM: This is used by one social media user to berate another user for using or posting all or a part of their content. YCM means You Copied Me.

15. AEAE: And Ever And Ever which is the complete form of AEAE is used as an assurance something should/would not happen again in the future.

16. TIA: TIA is short for Thanks In Advance. It is used to express appreciation in advance for an anticipated favour in future.

17. ATM: ATM is used to show what a present circumstance is. ATM means At The Moment.

18. JIC: JIC hashtag indicates an added information should anyone doubt a previously given information. The full meaning is Just In Case.

19. BAE: Many have used BAE without knowing it is actually an acronym. BAE stands for Before Anyone Else.

20. AFAIK: This acronym is used to by social media users to tell that they have only given as much information as they know about the topic in view. It means As Far As I Know.

You can add the unpopular chat room abbreviations that you know with their meanings in the COMMENT section.

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