Tito Mboweni, the former finance minister, set tongues wagging when he resorted to Twitter to urge for a constitutional change.

The job of the prime minister, who would serve alongside the president, was one of the changes he proposed. He believes that these reforms can be achieved by bringing political parties together and debating what the nation needs.

“We really and truly require a multiparty conversation and agreement on changing our constitution. Why? We need president and prime minister roles to be enshrined in the constitution,” he wrote.

Those who disagreed with him were advised to “think.” “Don’t howl.” Under apartheid, South Africa had a prime minister’s office, but it was abolished in constitutional change in 1984, and the function of the president was effectively merged. The prime minister was the country’s most powerful politician.

Mboweni’s followers weighed in on the idea, with some calling for a president who put the country ahead of his party, and others saying they have enough political headaches as it is.



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