A couple have defied the norm of having a flamboyant wedding with many guests and in gorgeous outfits, rather they chose to have a simple one.

The bride and groom had a lowkey wedding without any guests, not even family and friends were in attendance.

The man wore a clean white shirt and trouser while the woman rocked a plan milk-coloured dress with a veil over her face.

After their wedding, they simply stepped out of the church with the woman holding nothing but flowers.

They posed for a few pictures and looked very happy. Social media users gushed over their wedding and congratulated them.

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@Tsei_Tsei; I really think weddings are about two people. I ain’t got time for wedding speeches yooh

@Lyne_Banks; Perfect! No need to feed people they don’t like or people that didn’t bother to bring gifts.

@pamela_mambamba; Exactly what i would like But yhoo being the only girl in a black family is a big thing.

@mo_tuckie; Congratulations one more time to the couple @hybre_ ❤❤

@Pianopella; This…then dinner with CLOSE family & friends, hotel, then honeymoon travels straight away

@lydiaannor; My type of wedding, I love this. No time for unnecessary spending

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