Pastor who was caught in act with somebody’s wife, has been jailed for 37 years in prison. The news reports confirms.

The confirmed reports says a pastor narrowly escaped death after allegedly being beaten mercilessly by man, for sleeping with his wife in the church.

According to eye-witness, a preacher from God is love ministry was beaten mercilessly by husband’s wife, who caught him in the act with his wife in the church.

The husband said to have come from work earlier than usual, and caught his pastor having intimate relations with his significant other in the church.

He revealed that the two never noticed his presence at first. He started taking pictures of them and shared in the church WhatsApp group.

Further reports from House Medias indicates, the man of God, who preaches at God is love ministry church, took advantage of the woman after appointing her as a leader in church choir.

While confirming the incident, the area chief officer said the suspect was arrested and taken into police custody, thereafter he was arraigned in court and the judge slaps him with 37 years behind the bars.

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