After Alpha Conde of Guinea, Conakry was toppled and apprehended by the Military,  the Constitution was suspended according to the Army Generals, the borders, airspace, and lands were all closed, the National assembly was also suspended. The Army urged the General public for calm.

Over the past two weeks, the junta has held consultations with public figures and business leaders to map out a framework for a transitional government.

According to the charter governing the transition, Doumbouya is to be president, leading a government composed of a civilian prime minister and cabinet, none of whom may be candidates in the elections to follow, a spokesman for the junta announced on the state-owned broadcaster.

Initially, Guinea’s junta authority had published a transition charter that summarizes the missions and duties of the transitional regime.

This agreement excludes any followers of the junta from partaking in elections, and coup leader Lt. Col. Mamady Doumbouya will stay in position as the interim president.

The administration will be led by a civilian prime minister and a National Transitional Council will perform as the country’s parliament which is comprised of 81 members ranging from political groups to youth leaders.

The committee must also have at least 30% women among its members. Upon completion, it will then dictate the period of the transition.

Fast forward today, it has been confirmed that Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, a special forces colonel who led a coup in the West African state of Guinea in September, will be sworn in as interim president on Friday, the authorities say.

Doumbouya will be sworn in at noon (1200 GMT) at the Mohammed V conference centre in the capital Conakry, a communique read late Wednesday on nationwide TV announced.

The gentleman will become a transitional president, ruling before the country returns to civilian rule, according to a blueprint unveiled by the junta on Monday that does not speak of a period of transition

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