Dethrone Alpha Conde had been the chief critic of a succession of leaders: Ahmed Sekou Toure, who ruled from independence in 1958 until he died in 1984; Lansana Conte, who seized power in a coup after Toure’s death; and Moussa Dadis Camara, who led a coup after Conte’s death in 2008.

His advocacy earned him a death sentence under Toure, forcing him into exile in France, where he became an assistant professor of human rights at the Sorbonne.

He lost presidential elections to Conte in 1993 and 1998. In 1998, he was arrested on the eve of the vote, accused of plotting to overthrow the government and jailed for the next two years.

After the ruling military government agreed in 2010 to a democratic transition, Conde finally got his chance to stand in an open election and scored an upset victory over Diallo.

“I will try in my small way to be Guinea’s Mandela and unite every son of Guinea,” he said in his inaugural address. “The restoration of social cohesion and national unity requires a collective look at our painful past.”

All African dictators we have today, they always come as savior but they have same genotype of exploiting and destroying democracy they used to champion.

Doumbouya has come but he will not allow himself, to be exposed to any attacks hence, several bodyguards of former President Alpha Conde have been transferred inside the country.

They were despatched from various places across the country and were scheduled to leave around 15 p.m.


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