Broken English is a name for a nonstandard, non-traditionally spoken, or alternatively-written version of the English language.

These forms of English are sometimes considered pidgin if they have been derived in a context where more than one language is used.

Under the most commonly accepted definition of the term, broken English consists of English vocabulary grafted onto the syntax of a non-English speaker’s native language, including word order, other aspects of sentence structure, and the presence or absence of articles in the speaker’s native language.

Typically, the non-English speaker also strips English phrases of linguistic markings that are definite articles or certain verb tenses.

When you write an article or on social media the most important things and also for people to understand the English must be proper and the sentences must be well constructed.

But sometimes one can make a simple mistake like typing error or not knowing the proper spelling for certain words.

Makhadzi was mocked on social media for her broken English. On her Facebook page, she wrote:” three wigs ” instead of three weeks.

We don’t know whether her English is broken or it’s just a typing error but nevertheless people made fun of her today.

In her post, she was thanking her followers for their continued loyal support as she gained more than 1,5 million followers in three weeks.

What are your thoughts about Makhadzi‘s broken English, do you think she needs English classes?

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