Information reaching this site has it that Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya disregarded ECOWAS and AU threats, and swore himself as president.

According to a source with knowledge of the information, the Internationally unrecognized investiture was attended by some foreign dignitaries like Ambassadors with embassies in the country.

The event which happened a while ago with the backing of the country’s Supreme Court, allowed Mamadi Doumbouya to tell local and International foreign investors the direction the country will be heading on his watch.


Speaking at his inauguration speech as president of the Guinean transition, he reaffirmed Guinea’s commitment to respect all national and international commitments.

“I reaffirm here the commitment of the CNRD, on behalf of the people of Guinea, to respect all the national and international commitments to which the country has subscribed,” he said.

Since the September 5 coup, Guinea has been suspended from the decision-making bodies of the African Union and ECOWAS. No representative of these two institutions took part in the swearing-in ceremony this Friday, October 1. at the historic Mohamed V palace. But Mamadi Doumbouya extends a hand to them in these terms:

“I would like to underline my particular attachment to strengthening the bonds of friendship and fraternity with our neighbors, but also with all the partners and friends of Guinea. As a founding member of the African Union, and attached to pan-African values, our will continue to maintain its place in the integration and influence of the continent, “said the new president of the Guinean transition.

Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya reiterated his pledge not to commit to the next elections.

Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya said that no member of the National Council of the Rally for Development (CNRD), the next Transitional Government as well as future members of the National Transitional Council will not apply, nor in the next presidential election. nor in local elections.

The new Head of State also promises an independent justice which according to him is an “imperative for the credibility of the State and to regain the confidence of our fellow citizens.

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