Some members of the family of the late former president Robert Mugabe claim his spirit is behind the death of his tribesmen who are pushed for the exhumation of his remains.

Mugabe’s body was buried at his rural home in Kutama, Zvimba, despite a push by the government for the veteran leader to be buried at the national heroes’ acre in Harare.

Chief Zvimba resurrected the war over Mugabe’s remains after ordering Grace, Mugabe’s widow, to ensure that they were exhumed and reburied in Harare.

One of the traditional leaders behind the fiasco, Chief Beperere, born Alfred Tome, succumbed to Covid-19 last month and the family now claims he was a victim of Mugabe’s vengeful spirit.

Chief Beperere’s son, Edward, who was the spokesperson for the Zvimba chiefs when they met President Emmerson Mnangagwa in September last year to demand the re-burial of Mugabe, is now reportedly afflicted by an unusual ailment.

One of Edward’s sons is also said to be sick and Chiefs Zvimba and Chidziva are also said to be now bed-ridden.

However, Tinos Manongovere, the headman who took Grace Mugabe to the traditional court demanding Mugabe’s burial, said there was nothing unusual about his ill health. Manongovere said:

Remember he is advanced in age. At more than 80 years old you can’t expect him to be running up and down like a teenager.

Dominic Matibiri, a member of Mugabe’s family, said the spirit of the departed have a way of settling issues with the living. Matibiri added:

As Mugabe family, we will not mourn Chief Beperere with others because we feel that he was being punished by the avenging spirit for taking part in the exhumation judgement. Chief Beperere was Mugabe’s chief and should have presided over the matter but instead, decided to trick us by taking the matter to Chief Zvimba, a great justice anomaly.

Mugabe family spokesperson Leo Mugabe said his uncle died a bitter man adding that he doesn’t know if he was still bitter.

Meanwhile, a traditional leader identified as Headman Chisora is said to have advised Manongovere to arrange for the filling up of the grave that was set aside for Mugabe at the National Heroes Acre.

Leo said he was aware of plans adding “they simply have to fill it up and keep (the mausoleum) for symbolism purposes.”

Source: NewZimbabwe

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