The Toyota V8 owner appears to have been stuck in a traffic jam on the busy streets of Adum when his attacker confronted him, yelling and attempting to break the windscreen.

A video of the incident sighted on Famebugs shows him screaming about how the driver used his wealth to influence his wife to allegedly have sex with her.

The helpless driver is seen in the video desperately attempting to escape from the car but the attacker was determined to vent his anger on him.

As soon as the driver got some leeway, he did not hesitate to flee, leaving behind the luxury car.

The incident attracted many bystanders who thronged to the scene to catch a glimpse of what was happening while others filmed it with their cell phones.

Some of the bystanders are heard entreating the man to calm down because according to them, his approach to the situation was wrong.

Some police officers arrived at the scene and arrested the angry man clad in red cloth, handcuffed and took him away ostensibly to their station.

Footage of the incident has been uploaded to social media and users have been reacting to it.

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