Controversial hip-hop musician Mwiza Chavura has said he is ready to serve the 9 years jail sentence on behalf of well-known businessman Thom Mpinganjira at a cost of MK1 billion.

The High Court Judge Dorothy DeGabrielle on Wednesday slapped Mpinganjira with 9 years each on two counts of attempting to bribe Judges handling the Presidential polls case and offering an advantage to to public officers.

The sentence will run concurrently, according to the Judge.

“Therefore, having considered all the factors under the circumstances of this case, accordingly I sentence you to nine years imprisonment. This sentence shall run from the day you were convicted, that is on September 10. The [two] sentences will run concurrently,” ruled DeGabrielle.

After the ruling ‘Nzakupanga Rape’ hit maker took to social media to mock Mpinganjira.

“If Thom said here is 1billion save my time for me, nditha kuvomela 9years from now I won’t have 1billion, I probably won’t even have 50 million, basi ndekuti nditha kuzatuluka ndili ndi zaka 43, koma after that ndingaphulise life!!!!!,” wrote Chavura.

He later reversed his decision by claiming that the money in question is too little for him to be in prison for 9 years.

“Koma 9 years nkutali amwene mmmmmmmm 1billion yachepa, Bola ndikhale osauka chonchi, olo Bola atati ndimumenyele zitatu, zinazosalazo tisaka ondilandila, Bola patakhala fridge kuti andikomole andike fridgemo, azandizutse after 9 years, nde bhobho, koma osati pachichiri boarding paja,” said Chavura.

Chavura came to the limelight after releasing his controversial song titled ‘Nzakupanga Rape’ in January 2018.

The song led to his arrested after some quarters of the society deemed the song of inciting sexual assault.

He was later released on bail.

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