Controversial Prophet Austin Liabunya taken to social media flaunting a belt which he claims only millionaires possess.

Writing on his Facebook page, franked with pictures of the belt and other men of God wearing the belt, Liabunya said it a miracle and healing belt.

“Only millionaires wear this belt. The Prophetic & Healing Belt,” said Liabunya who is also known as Senior 1.

According to Liabunya the belt is worth 2800 US dollars which is over 2 Million Malawi kwacha.

The post by Liabunya received criticisms from his followers who described him as a liar.

One of Liabunya’s critics, who is also social media blogger Gerald Chavez Kampanikiza  called Liabunya to stop lying while showing a belt similar to the one the outspoken man of God posted saying he (Kampanikiza) got it at 500 Rand which over 27, 000 Malawi Kwacha.

Another user Demi Chimwaza commented “Sadly somewhere someone is busy tithing their salary to these scammers.”

Lucy Pipi Chilembwe said “I just love how tolerant our God is. Our God too awesome. He is still on the same throne He was when His son was born have humbly in a manger.”

Another user Swifler Dwine wonders how is a belt which was manufactured to hold trousers is associated with healing and perform miracles.

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