The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has responded to Center for Development Economic and Initiatives (CDEDI) accusations that the police Inspector General (IG) George Kainja is practicing nepotism in promoting officers to senior positions.

Over the week, Sylvester Namiwa, CDEDI’s Executive Director gave Kainja an ultimatum of 7 days to address the issue of nepotism in which he said the police IG is sidelining people from the Southern region in the police hierarchy.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera, said in a statement that promotions at the police service are governed by the Constitution and the police act.

Kainja: Accused of practicing nepotism

“The legal mandate to promote officers is vested in the Police Service Commission Act under section 155(2) of the Constitution. Under section 12(b) of the Police Act the Police Service Commission is required to follow principles that promote uniformity in promoting officers,” Kadadzera said.

He further added that certain standards are also attained by officers of each rank to qualify for the promotions.

Kadadzera the pointed out that region of one’s origin is no used as criteria to promote officers in the Police Service.

Kainja is sidelining the Southern region – Namiwa

“The presence or absence of Police Officers from any region at any level of management is thus not an indication of nepotism on the part of the Police Service Commission or the Inspector General,” he said.

The police publicist stressed that making such accusations can only be in bad faith and is a futile attempt to divide the Police Service on political, tribal or regional lines.

CDEDI is yet to respond.

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