Panties are not to be worn to bed especially tight synthetic panties. wearing tight underwear to bed can lead to vaginitis.

vaginitis is known as inflammation and private part soreness.

Most especially if you’re prone to sensitive infections such as yeast infection and bacteria vaginosis do not wear panties to bed.

By not wearing panties to bed, you reduce your risk of having a yeast infection and thereby keeping your private part dry all through the night.

Research has shown that bacteria and yeast stay in warm and moist places like your panties, that is why it is not advisable to wear panties to bed.

It is very comfortable to sleep without panties and just go butt cheek except if you’re on your period.

Allow the breeze to touch your butt and it prevents your private part from smelling especially if you’re a person that sweats a lot, the sweat and moisture stay, and your pants and form bacteria through the night which gets into your Private part.

It can be a problem for women when they wear tight panties to bed cause it can cause skin irritation that will then result in blisters and injuries of the private parts.

It allows your private region to breathe rather than accumulate infection. It also makes you fall asleep better and promotes your vaginal health.

It enables the free flow of air to the Private part.

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