A man from Uttar Pradesh in India has sought divorce from his wife as she does not bathe daily.

According to News 18, the issue of the divorce came to light after the woman whose age is not identified, approached the Women Protection Cell with hopes of saving her marriage.

It is reported that the couple and their parents were receiving counseling to save their marriage.

The couple got married two years ago and have a one-year-old child.

“The man, during counseling, repeatedly and firmly told us that he wants to end terms with the woman. He also gave an application to us to help him get a divorce from his wife as she does not bathe every day,” said the counselor.

During the counseling sessions, the woman reportedly expressed her wish to continue with the marriage and live a happy life with her husband.

The counselor further said that they were trying to counsel the man not to dissolve his marriage as it is a minor issue that can be solved.

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